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FACT: MASK is dedicated to identifying teens in conflict by increasing knowledge and bringing awareness to our communities. This is the key that opens the door to prevention and helps save the lives of our children. MASK collaborates with Rabbonim, community leaders, and related organizations.

FACT: Many children suffer from learning disabilities such as ADD or ADHD. Others suffer from self-destructive behaviors such as anorexia, bulimia, and self-mutilation. In some situations, there are personality disorders, or other psychological conditions, which require professional guidance and/or intervention.

Children from every segment of the Orthodox Jewish Community are involved in gambling, internet, alcohol and substance abuse. They face enormous dangers to their health and spirit. The ravages of drug abuse can range from alienation from their families and culture to malnutrition and/or emotional problems.

MASK provides ongoing support for parents who are encouraged to keep in contact with each other between meetings. By sharing and offering support, the parents gain insight, and benefit from one another's experiences.

MASK sponsors joint symposiums with various social service agencies world-wide.

FACT: When even one child in a family is experiencing difficulties, the entire family suffers.










Ruchama Bistritzky-Clapman has made doing chesed for Klal Yisroel a life long mission. That's no surprise, since she is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leibel and Edah Bistritzky. Mr. Bistritzky is the founder of Hatzolah of Crown Heights, and served as Hatzolah's vice president for many years.

In 1975 Ruchama was honored for her volunteer work for Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center. In 1984 she established the Ohel Flatbush Women's Division and served as president for two years. She also was at the forefront of fundraising efforts for Hatzolah of Crown Heights. In 1994 Ruchama was an active volunteer for Yad Batya L'Kallah. In 1997 Ruchama responded to the crisis among our youth by founding MASK, of which she now serves as founder and executive director.

Ruchama is the mother of two wonderful sons, Mordechai and Yossi, and is the proud grandmother of Mordechai and Yocheved’s adorable five children, Chavi, Simi, Levi,
Sorah Rivka, and Avroham KA’’H.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:
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The following organizations have awarded MASK's accomplishments and service to the
Jewish community:

Yeshiva Priority 1,
Woman of the Year April 1999
Community Leadership Award January 2000
Flatbush Satmar Bikur Cholim,
Hatzolas Neshomos Award April 2001
United NY Democratic Club,
Community Service Award May 2001
Kings County District Attorney,
Youth Service Award June 2001
Project Chazon,
Communal Leadership Award May 2003
COJO Flatbush Breakfast,
Charles Posner B’Nos Chesed Award April 2005


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